A downloadable project for Windows and macOS

This is a visualizer that I made for the RMIT Game Jam 2017 with the theme being 'Masks'.

Due to a busy schedule and lots of procrastination, I spent a total of 8hrs on this project. Also because of this, there are no interactions whatsoever in this project. It's just an audio visualizer. There was a MIDI board controller thing happening but I didn't have enough time to actually implement that and coding alternate inputs.

So sit back and just enjoy my very limited use of visuals. 

This project was made using Keijiro's downloadable package, Reaktion. This was something I have wanted to experiment with and haven't had the chance until now.

Music used is Windfall by TheFatRat.


MaskVisualizer.app.zip 27 MB
MaskVisualizer.zip 23 MB